Under the jurisdiction of the American Canadian Grand Lodge under the United Grand Lodges of Germany
Pyramid Lodge No. 869
A.F. & A.M
Pyramid Lodge No.869
A.F. & A.M.

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History of Pyramid Lodge No. 869 - Vilseck

Pyramid Lodge No. 869 was chartered on 9 July, 1960. Pyramid's first lodge room was a very small building just outside the front gate of Rose Barracks in Vilseck. 

It has been reported that an errant traing round destroyed the front step of the building during a degree conferral, and the candidate was - no doubt - suitably impressed. But for most of its existence, Pyramid has met in a loft above a working barn which prompted a newly initiated Mason to write:

It was on a cold and wintery night, as I recall to mind

When I first climbed those old stairs, atop a barn just behind

Not knowing what to expect, no way of guessing my plight

Yet like a child on Christmas eve, looking to a special night.

It's a night I'll long remember, when I first received the light

That st my feet ipon the path, of all that's good and right.

There are other stairs, other places, at other times I've climbed,

But there will remain one dear to my heart in Pyramid 869.

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